The Maryland Employment Network's Dedicated Staff

Keirstyn Silver, Director: Keirstyn has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and is a Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner, as well as a Community Partner Work Incentive Counselor. She has nearly a decade of providing and supervising behavioral health and evidence-based supported employment services. Keirstyn oversees the daily operations, communications, services and marketing of the Maryland Employment Network. Keirstyn’s creativity, attention to detail and collaborative spirit help her to lead a high-quality program that is both innovative and growing.

Molly Hall, Program Administrator: Molly has extensive experience in the human services field and is trained in Social Security Work Incentives. Molly has been with MD-EN since 2011, managing the administration of the Ticket to Work Program. She manages regular communication with SSA regarding Ticket Assignments and handles incoming referrals and inquiries about the program. Molly’s expertise, resourcefulness and customer service skills assist her in directing inquiries and supporting beneficiaries to navigate available employment services.

Lauren Horner, Benefit Counseling Network Director: Lauren is the Director of the Maryland Benefits Counseling Network, which works in conjunction with MD-EN to ensure that all Ticket Holders have the knowledge they need regarding benefits to increase their financial independence. Lauren is a Community Partner Work Incentive Counselor, and is SOAR Certified. She also has training specific to benefits administered by the State of Maryland. Lauren has extensive experience with state and federal benefits and work incentives and has been providing benefits counseling services for nearly a decade to individuals with disabilities. Lauren’s calm demeanor, accuracy, and ability to explain complex information in an understandable fashion assist her in developing strong and trusting relationships with her clients.

Lauren Wolf, Career Consultant: Lauren has over twenty years’ experience in the mental health field, supported employment, and vocational case management. Lauren is responsible for providing assistance directly to beneficiaries to help them obtain and advance in their careers. She also networks extensively with employers to educate them and reduce barriers and stigma associated with individuals with disabilities working. Lauren’s belief is that work is therapy and the key to recovery and independence. Her creative ways of thinking help client remove their barriers to employment.  Lauren’s positive attitude and insight give her a unique ability uncover individuals' strengths and match them to their careers.




Charlie Hollins, Benefits Case Manager: A graduate of the University of Humberside, Charlie has accrued over a decade’s experience in the vocational rehabilitation field. Initially working with individuals to provide evidence-based supported employment services he found himself drawn to the world of benefits counseling and in May 2012 gained certification as a Community Work Incentive Counselor. It is in this role that he has been providing services for MD-EN’s sister network, the Maryland Benefits Counseling Network. Charlie has also been tasked with the opportunity of working on the Maryland State Hospital Project which aims to provide benefits-related support to patients as they transition into the community. Charlie has a passion for interpreting all those wonderfully arcane benefits rules and regulations and, coupled with his considerate and empathetic manner, continues to provide clients and their families with quality services specific to their needs.


Maggie Scheie-Lurie, Peer Employment Counselor: Maggie is a Peer Employment Counselor with the Maryland Employment Network and On Our Own of Maryland. She has extensive experience with developing and implementing peer recovery programs for individuals with mental illness. Maggie speaks encouragement and hope to beneficiaries as they continue working towards increased financial independence.


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