Keirstyn Silver, Director: Keirstyn has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and is a Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner, as well as a Community Partner Work Incentive Counselor. She has nearly a decade of providing and supervising behavioral health and evidence-based supported employment services. Keirstyn oversees the daily operations, communications, services and marketing of the Maryland Employment Network. Keirstyn’s creativity, attention to detail and collaborative spirit help her to lead a high-quality program that is both innovative and growing.

Molly Hall, Program Administrator: Molly has extensive experience in the human services field and is trained in Social Security Work Incentives. Molly has been with MD-EN since 2011, managing the administration of the Ticket to Work Program. She manages regular communication with SSA regarding Ticket Assignments and handles incoming referrals and inquiries about the program. Molly’s expertise, resourcefulness and customer service skills assist her in directing inquiries and supporting beneficiaries to navigate available employment services.

Lauren Horner, Benefit Counseling Network Director: Lauren is the Director of the Maryland Benefits Counseling Network, which works in conjunction with MD-EN to ensure that all Ticket Holders have the knowledge they need regarding benefits to increase their financial independence. Lauren is a Community Partner Work Incentive Counselor, and is SOAR Certified. She also has training specific to benefits administered by the State of Maryland. Lauren has extensive experience with state and federal benefits and work incentives and has been providing benefits counseling services for nearly a decade to individuals with disabilities. Lauren’s calm demeanor, accuracy, and ability to explain complex information in an understandable fashion assist her in developing strong and trusting relationships with her clients.

Deborah Zipkin Temple, Self-Sufficiency Development Specialist:  Joining us with a strong background in workforce development, disability services, transitioning youth, and program development, Deb fulfills a new role at MD-EN.  For more than 20 years she has worked to remove barriers to success for individuals with differing-abilities, those experiencing homelessness, at-risk youth, and low-income families while consistently strengthening communities through partnerships and education.  She holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Fine Arts and is certified as a Work Incentives Practitioner.  Deb understands that people are unique and success looks different for each person - she is committed to helping others define their own success and supporting them to reach their own vision of self-sufficiency.

Charlie Hollins, Benefits Case Manager: A graduate of the University of Humberside, Charlie has accrued over a decade’s experience in the vocational rehabilitation field. Initially working with individuals to provide evidence-based supported employment services he found himself drawn to the world of benefits counseling and in May 2012 gained certification as a Community Work Incentive Counselor. It is in this role that he has been providing services for MD-EN’s sister network, the Maryland Benefits Counseling Network. Charlie has also been tasked with the opportunity of working on the Maryland State Hospital Project which aims to provide benefits-related support to patients as they transition into the community. Charlie has a passion for interpreting all those wonderfully arcane benefits rules and regulations and, coupled with his considerate and empathetic manner, continues to provide clients and their families with quality services specific to their needs.

Autumn Jacquette, Benefits Case Manager:  Autumn is a licensed master social worker  and a provisionally certified Community Partner Work Incentives Counselor. Autumn's extensive experience working in the mental health community has been invaluable as she provides benefits planning to individuals served by the Maryland Employment Network and its partner providers. Autumn also provides benefits support to individuals transitioning back into the community from the Eastern Shore Hospital Center for the MD-EN’s sister program, the Maryland Benefits Counseling Network. Autumn’s dedication to understanding and meeting clients' needs provides an atmosphere that promotes self-sufficiency for everyone she serves.

Erin Dudley, Benefits Planning Specialist: Erin has built more than 10 years of social service experience with diverse populations across the country in both rural and urban areas; serving those with mental illness, co-occurring disorders, developmental disabilities and individuals experiencing homelessness. Erin received her Bachelor's degree in Psychology with a minor in Religion and Cultures.  She became SOAR certified in 2016 and gained provisional Community Partner Work Incentive Counselor certification in the spring of 2019. In her role with MD-EN, Erin utilizes her skills and extensive experience to provide benefits planning and education to individuals seeking to enter or re-enter the workforce.

Mabel Munoz, Benefits Planning Specialist: Mabel Munoz has been serving her community for over 6 years, assisting individuals with disabilities in achieving financial independence. She is currently working at The Maryland Employment Network as a Benefits Planning Specialist, where she continues her close collaboration with community partners and individuals with disabilities. She offers experience in crisis counseling and employment-centered case management, which have enriched her abilities and skills as a benefits planner. She is proficient in writing and speaking English as well as Spanish, which allows her to provide bilingual services to the community she serves. Mabel has an AA in Psychology and is certified as a Community Partner Work Incentives Coordinator through Virginia Commonwealth University.


Kimberlee Payne, Benefits Planning Specialist: Kim Payne is a Benefits Planning Specialist with the Maryland Employment Network. Kim has been providing Benefits Planning Services since 2015. In addition to working with the Maryland Employment Network, Kim also works with Maryland Access Point (MAP) at MAC Inc., the local Area Agency on Ageing for the Lower Shore of Maryland. Kim lives in Worcester County, Maryland, with her young Son. She graduated from Salisbury University in 2012 with a bachelor’s in psychology, with an emphasis in Social Work.

T-Kea Blackman, Peer Career Coach: T-Kea Blackman, Peer Career Coach with the Maryland Employment Network, is mental health advocate, speaker, writer, and trained communications professional. Her written work has been published on The Mighty, Urban Faith, Blavity, and 21 Ninety, garnering over 45,000 views and encouraging individuals to seek treatment. T-Kea is also the creator and host of a weekly podcast, which aims normalize the conversation about mental health within communities of color by sharing inspirational stories of success and triumph. In her current role with the Maryland Employment Network, T-Kea utilizes her lived experience and strong interpersonal skills to support individuals living with a mental illness, as they strive to advance their careers and achieve their personal and professional goals.


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